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Are Golf Carts
Are Golf Carts "Street Legal" in Fla?

There is a lot of confusion regarding Florida's regulation of "low speed vehicles" and golf carts on streets and roads throughout the state. This article attempts to answer the more common scenarios but is by no means a full and comprehensive authority on the subject. If you ...

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Blog posts in Traffic Offense

  • Your trailer hitch may get you pulled over

    There are a number of seemingly innocuous actions that can lead to a traffic stop. A crack in your windshield, window tint that is a shade too dark, ...

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  • What Is Operation Green Light?

    Believe it or not, there are hundreds of drivers in northeast Florida alone that are driving with suspended licenses or unpaid traffic tickets. A ...

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  • Florida Banned Texting While Driving on October 1st

    Beginning October 1, 2013, Florida followed a bunch of other states by banning texting while driving. While the state lacked funding to widely promote ...

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  • Common Mistakes That Can Get You Pulled Over

    We are all aware that we can get pulled over for blowing through a stop sign or driving with a broken tail light and that these can lead to getting ...

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  • Reckless Driving

    Reckless driving refers to the act of operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous for the circumstances, this would include driving too ...

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