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Juvenile Felony Charges Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 3/2/2017

A juvenile accused of multiple burglary charges and a battery successfully completed a diversion program. The State dismissed all charges as a result.

Domestic Violence Battery Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 1/23/2017

T.G. was accused of attacking a roommate and was forced to leave their residence and spend a night in jail. In less than a week, the prosecutor was convinced to drop the charges.

Client Leaves Death Row

Death Penalty Waived - 1/18/2017

D.M. was facing the death penalty in 2 separate cases from the 1970's. The convictions were reversed, but the potential death sentence remained. After extensive negotiations, the prosecutors agreed to waive the death penalty. D.M. was released from Death Row after 40 years, but will remain in prison for life.

Underage Possession Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 12/7/2016

W.T. was charged was arrested for underage drinking. Pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement, the charges were dismissed.

Resisting Officer Charges Dismissed

Charges Dismissed. - 11/28/2016

A.A. was accused of resisting an officer without violence and faced up to 1 year in the county jail. We were able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges dismissed.

DUI Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 11/8/2016

J.I. was arrested for DUI and improper exhibition of a firearm. Not only did he/she face a year in jail, but also a license suspension for an entire year. Not only did we get the license suspension reversed, but also convinced the State to drop the DUI charge and the gun charge. J.I. pled no contest to careless driving-a civil infraction.

Domestic Violence Injunction & Battery Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 9/16/2016

G.S. was accused of domestic violence and the significant other obtained a temporary restraining order. We were able to terminate the restraining order and get the criminal charges dismissed.

Felony Charges Reduced-No Jail

Charges Reduced - 8/18/2016

M.W. was arrested for several charges including witness tampering-a felony with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. Eventually, the felony was dismissed and the client was sentenced to probation for a misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence Battery Dismissed

Charges Dismissed - 8/15/2016

J.D. was arrested after an altercation with his/her spouse and was not allowed to return to their home. The maximum penalty was a year in jail. We filed motions to allow him/her to return to the home and negotiated with the prosecutor. Ultimately, the case was dismissed.

1994 Aggravated Battery Conviction Reversed

Sentence Vacated - 1/11/2016

R.P. was convicted of Aggravated Battery and sentenced to probation. We filed a motion for post-conviction relief based on newly discovered evidence. As a result, the court set aside the felony conviction.

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