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GPS Monitoring Before Conviction
GPS Monitoring Before Conviction

In St. Johns County, a person accused of a misdemeanor domestic violence or a related offense may be required to wear a GPS monitor upon their release from jail and before they are found guilty of any crime. Not only is that person’s every move tracked, but he or she will ...

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  • Your trailer hitch may get you pulled over

    There are a number of seemingly innocuous actions that can lead to a traffic stop. A crack in your windshield, window tint that is a shade too dark, ...

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  • They Never Read Me My Rights!

    Many of our prospective clients tell us that the arresting officer never "read me my rights" and believe that the officer's failure may help their ...

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  • Due Process and Confidential Informants

    A confidential informant (also known as a 'CI') is usually a citizen that works for the police to investigate criminal activity. Law enforcement ...

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  • Blanket Drug Testing for Florida Welfare Applicants Deemed Unconstitutional

    In late 2013, a federal judge ruled that a Florida law requiring welfare applicants to undergo drug testing violated their constitutional right to be ...

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  • The Stand Your Ground Law and the Use of Deadly Force

    Our state's Stand Your Ground law specifically allows residents to use deadly force if they have a reasonable fear for their safety or the safety of ...

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  • December 6th Marks the 80th Anniversary of the End of Prohibition

    It was back in 1917 when Congress voted to enact the 18th Amendment to the Constitution thus prohibiting "the manufacture, sale, or transportation of ...

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  • 29-Year-Old Ryan Ferguson Released After Wrongful Murder Conviction

    Missouri – When 29-year-old Ryan Ferguson was expecting to receive a visit from his parents and his lawyer on the eve of Nov. 12, he didn't know that ...

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  • Terminally Ill Inmate Released After 41 Years

    Louisiana – After spending over 40 years in a Louisiana prison and having his claims of a wrongful murder conviction go unanswered, Herman Wallace is ...

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  • Two Innocent Men Receive a $12.475M Settlement from the State

    For 14 years Floyd Brown, a mentally disabled man, was kept locked up in a psychiatric hospital after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. ...

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