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New jury instructions for eyewitness identification testimony

The Florida Supreme Court adopted new jury instructions that are designed to help jurors evaluate eyewitness identification testimony. The instructions are read to a jury after they've heard all ...
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Reckless Driving

Reckless driving refers to the act of operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous for the circumstances, this would include driving too fast for conditions, even if it is the same as the ...
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Taylor & Taylor Welcomes Bradley A. Waldrop to Team

At Taylor & Taylor, we are proud to announce that attorney Bradley A. Waldrop has joined our criminal defense team. Prior to joining Taylor & Taylor, Mr. Waldrop ran his own general law ...
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Taylor & Taylor Announces New Office Location

At Taylor & Taylor we are proud to announce our move to a new office location. The new address for our main office is: 2303 N. Ponce De Leon Blvd., Suite L, Saint Augustine, FL 32084. Our phone ...
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Baby shampoo can lead to positive drug tests

Most people assume drug tests are infallible. Our society has a tendency to rely on machines and automated processes in every day life. However, these assumptions are not appropriate in criminal ...
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Can I appeal my case?

Many prospective clients ask us if they can appeal their criminal case. Or, more accurately, a friend or family member will ask us if we can appeal a case. While it seems like an easy question, the ...
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Controversial NY Appellate Decision

A controversial ruling from a New York court of appeal revolves around an issue that is likely to be debated across the country. The court reversed a conviction for possession of child pornography and ...
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Crimes and Financial Aid

Aside from jail or probation, there are other consequences from a criminal arrest or conviction. At Taylor & Taylor, we have represented many college students over the years. They may have made ...
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First DCA Concludes Bicycle Thief Isn't a Burglar

Today the First District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of a criminal defendant that was convicted of burglary for taking a bicycle from a mulched area in the front of a townhouse. In Colbert v. ...
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