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Client freed from sex charge

Clyde M. Taylor, Jr. helped his client obtain his freedom after spending more than 18 months in jail because he was accused of a crime. Not only was he accused of a crime, but he was accused of a sex ...
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Eyewitness Testimony Not as Reliable as You Think

Any trial attorney will have numerous stories of cases when one witness describes events differently from the next witness. In fact, inconsistent testimony is expected and any trial attorney will ...
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Art Walk

Taylor & Taylor, PA, proudly supports the art community by sponsoring Art Galleries of St. Augustine, or AGOSA. Every month, Taylor & Taylor hosts a local artist and displays their work for ...
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Prosecutor Tactic to Avoid Hearsay Objection

In my experience, a common tactic used by prosecutors to get inadmissible hearsay in through the back door usually sounds something like: Q: Now, officer…you are trained to investigate crimes, ...
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Welcome to Our St. Augustine Criminal Defense Blog!

We at Taylor and Taylor are proud to announce the launch of our new website and St. Augustine criminal defense blog! Our firm defends clients accused of any criminal offense throughout St. Augustine, ...
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