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GPS Monitoring Before Conviction

In St. Johns County, a person accused of a misdemeanor domestic violence or a related offense may be required to wear a G.P.S. monitor upon their release from jail and before they are found guilty of ...
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Do You Have the Right to Bear Arms Outside of the Home?

Ever since the verdict was announced at the conclusion of the George Zimmerman trial, the consistent flurry of media attention and outcries for stricter gun control have yet to subside. This is ...
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Stand Your Ground Law & The Zimmerman Case

Most people are aware of the recent discussion and debate over the Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin case. After many intense courtroom battles and national opinions, a verdict was finally reached. George ...
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Interesting Stand Your Ground Law Article

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law has become a popular topic for the nightly news ever since the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. For a very interesting story on the topic, including a ...
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